Our Month in Review – September 2017

It was an eventful month. We appreciated the last days of summer and moved energetically into this final quarter of the year. Summer may be over but we are not slowing down at iCandy Homes, if anything we are staying up later, working harder and always getting smarter.

Here’s a peek at what we experienced and accomplished in September.

On The Flip Side

We have had a lot of activity on our renovating side of the business through the month of September. We were able to get 5 properties under contract, of which we closed on one of those! Additionally, we have been very active submitting offers on the MLS getting out about 30 per week on average. Let’s dive into the projects individually.

On the project that we purchased in August in Lansing we have had some great progress. All the demo work was completed, and cleaned out. We were also able to get the landscaping complete which completely changed the curb appeal! Finally, we are in the process of completing all of the rough mechanicals which will be inspected by the Village very soon. Drywall will begin soon, which means pictures will be looking much better! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updated pictures and videos!

Our most recent purchase was in Palos Heights and it is a nearly identical house to the one in Lansing. This will also be a full cosmetic renovation with a new roof and windows making the difference between it and Lansing. We are very excited to get this one going and heading out full steam ahead! We are scheduled to start in the first week of October with a completion scheduled for the end of November! Someone will be getting an amazing Christmas present!

All in all, we have noticed that we are finding success in continuing to do the actions we know bring results, such as offers on the MLS. It really proves that with consistency and persistence, any of the major marketing strategies in Real Estate can and will work for you if you are willing to put in the work.

Events & Education This Month

The September Chicagoland Real Estate Connections Club meeting was a success. Tony Spandrio was our speaker and taught the attendees how to start building a cashflowing rental portfolio. He gave a lot of insight from his vast experience and he also gave away some helpful free resources and websites to make our investing lives easier. Ultimately, we all learned how to grow our property portfolio quickly, predictably, and securely.

He also was gracious enough to teach it in an online class to give a second chance to all who missed the meeting. You can watch the replay of that mini class soon. I’ll post it this weekend so be sure to check back on the blog. All of the same resources and helpful websites he gave during the live session, are in this recorded training. I highly recommend you watch it if you’re interested in purchasing cashflowing investments.

As a team we are seeing incredible gains from the guidance of our coach Meir Ezra. We are getting better and more organized by the day! You can find more about what he teaches on his facebook page.

https://www.facebook.com/meir.ezra < We recommend you check out the short videos he’s been posting.

That about sums up our progress.

See You Next Month! :)

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