iCandy Homes Team

iCandy Homes Team

Rich Dad Education International Hall of Fame
Janelle, John and Kirby were inducted into the 2014 HOF.
Rich Dad, Rich Woman
John Swiercinsky with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki
It Started With 3
Kirby Atwell, Janelle and John Swiercinsky, founders of iCandy Homes.
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
John Swiercinsky, Janelle Swiercinsky and rock superstar Bret Michaels
2011 Connector Award
Stedman Graham presented Janelle Swiercinsky and John Swiercinsky with the 2011 Connector Award at Mega Partnering IV
Trump-Style Negotiations
John Swiercinsky with Eric Trump
The Apprentice
Janelle Swiercinsky with Eric Trump
Think and Grow Rich
Janelle and John Swiercinsky with Gred S. Reid, author, speaker and film maker.
Marketing on Wheels
Steve Budzik, Kirby Atwell and Janelle Swiercinsky with the iCandy Homes travelling billboard.
The World's Mayor
Janelle Swiercinsky and John Swiercinsky with Rudy Giuliani
Always Learning
Janelle and John Swiercinsky with rehabbing experts JD Esajian, Jeremy Black and Paul Esajain.
Root For America
Janelle and John Swiercinsky with politician and entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root
The Woz
JT Foxx, Janelle Swiercinsky, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.
Colorful office in Mokena
John Swiercinsky with George Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Trump Organization.
Business Geniuses
Kirby Atwell, Steve Budzik, Janelle and John Swiercinsky with business development experts JT Foxx and Meir Ezra.
Janelle Swiercinsky with George Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Trump Organization.
Wine and Dine
Eric Trump donates signed Trump Winery Wine to Together We Cope Dinner Dance.
Our newest marketing campaign
how can you say no to these faces?
iCandy Homes Rehab Class
Rehabbing in the Chicago Market, the hands-on 2-3 day class, is taught several times a year by the iCandy Homes Team.
Trump Helicopter and Vineyards
John Swiercinsky spent the day with Eric Trump at Trump Winery
Taking Flight
John prepping for the journey to New York City in the Trump chopper
Riding in Style
Eric Trump and John Swiercinsky in the Trump helicopter

img_01iCandy Homes Team

The people of iCandy Homes thrive on identifying, creating, seizing and maximizing real estate opportunities. Often, they see suitable circumstance first, aided by the company’s network of specialists located throughout the country. The iCandy Homes team thrives on real estate challenges at which others might falter, driven by an entrepreneurial culture, hard-working approach, and highly successful history.

  • Kirby Atwell

    Kirby Atwell, CEO

    Nine years ago, after graduating from West Point Military Academy, Mr. Atwell picked up his first real estate investing book and has been hooked ever since. In addition to serving as an Officer in the US Army, Mr. Atwell began acquiring and managing rental properties. Working closely with other investors and real estate experts throughout the country, he built a portfolio of rental property in several markets, including El Paso, TX, Honolulu, HI, and Chicago, IL. In 2011 he transitioned into real estate investing full time. Recently he moved out of his role as head of acquisitions and now fills the role Chief Executive Officer responsible for the overall efficiency and profitability of the company.
    Mr. Atwell graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from The United States Military Academy at West Point and served 6 years as an Air Defense Officer in the US Army. In 2014, he earned an MBA in Real Estate from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • John Swiercinsky

    John Swiercinsky, Founder

    Mr. Swiercinsky graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He also studied the Rich Dad Real Estate Education Program. He strives for lifelong growth both in business and personally.
    Prior to joining iCandy Homes, John Swiercinsky specialized in determining land value and potential development opportunity in Las Vegas, NV, Mokena, IL, and Ridgway, CO. Starting in 2003, he worked on projects as large as 2400 acres to determine the highest and best use of those properties. Mr. Swiercinsky also took the leading role in the sale of 7.5 acres of land zoned agricultural and sold for a commercial development at more than $6 per square foot.Mr. Swiercinsky has had experience with the acquisition, rehabilitation and subsequent sale of single family homes and manufactured homes; research and development of commercial apartment buildings; research and development of mobile home and RV parks; research, analysis, and marketing for a 55+ active senior community.

    At iCandy Homes, Mr. Swiercinsky provides the overall vision for the company and develops strategic relationships all over the world to create mutually beneficial business opportunities.

    Never forgetting where he started, Mr. Swiercinsky highly regards continuing education, personal development and proper business training. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Chicagoland Real Estate Connections Club, a premiere resource for local real estate investors. He works alongside his iCandy Homes partners and international experts to develop unique educational products and to provide coaching and mentoring services.

  • Janelle S.

    Janelle Swiercinsky, VP Administration

    Mrs. Swiercinsky graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Kansas. She also participated in the Rich Dad Real Estate Education Program. Her long term goals are to always keep learning and continuously empower others to achieve financial freedom.

    In her role as VP of Administration, she manages the back office and tracks the finances for all of the company’s projects. She also develops the company’s public relations and marketing campaigns.  An expert in marketing and branding, Mrs. Swiercinsky leads the iCandy Homes team in positioning the company as a market leader. Her thorough understanding of the digital age and traditional media, and how to marry the two, sets iCandy Homes apart from the competition.

  • Cory Atwell

    Cory Atwell, Senior Project Manager

    Mr. Atwell has been with the company for 2 years. He received his Bachelor and MBA degrees at Western Illinois University. As Project Manager, he is responsible for overseeing all homes purchased for remodeling and rehabbing. This would include creating a scope of work for the rehab, interview and hire contractors/sub-contractors, and staging and preparing for the sales department. Mr. Atwell has an extensive background in construction; including single-family and townhome development. He was also the Glen Ellyn Park District Executive Director for 15 years. His strengths include management, personnel, and budgeting. Athletics and the Military have created a discipline and determination that Mr. Atwell attributes to his personal development and skill set.

  • Steve Budzik

    Steve Budzik, Director of Acquisitions

    Mr. Budzik’s diverse career path has given him a true understanding of hard work, discipline and determination, all of which he highly values. He started working on ground-up developments as a general contractor and transitioned to the medical field as a paramedic. This diversity has given him the ability to operate in high-stress environments while still having attention to detail. Mr. Budzik is a genuine individual with an eye to make complex situations into a win for all parties involved. Real estate has always been of interest. Mr. Budzik acquired his first property when he was just 21 years old and then immediately started investing. He went on to purchase another property less than a year later. With a recent progression into head of the acquisitions department, it is Mr. Budzik’s duty to analyze and acquire properties that will be redeveloped, gentrifying neighborhoods one home at a time.

  • TressaHeadshotTressa Dorman-Downing Bio Coming Soon!
  • Dustin Hatfield

    Dustin Hatfield, Renovation Evaluation Contractor

    Dustin Hatfield Bio Coming Soon!