Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Entrepreneurs

img_01iCandy Homes and Capital sees other real estate entrepreneurs as potential partners, not as competition. We provide turnkey investments, wholesaling and partnering opportunities to other real estate entrepreneurs.

The acquisitions team is always looking for more properties, therefore providing opportunity for other investors to find deals for the company. Likewise, if we find a deal that does not fit our criteria, iCandy Homes and Capital is happy to send it out to its network of real estate entrepreneurs.

Some entrepreneurs want to hold properties for cash flow, but do not have the time to locate investment properties, manage repairs and get the tenants in place. iCandy Homes and Capital offers turnkey investments catered to the client’s needs and goals.

Many people are curious about buying, selling and controlling real estate, but they don’t have the confidence to “pull the trigger.” The iCandy Homes and Capital partners with qualified applicants to work hand in hand with the iCandy Homes and Capital team to analyze deals, acquire property and execute the proper exit strategy.

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