Investor Relations

Investor Relations

img_04Working with partners is a key component of iCandy Homes and Capital. Whether it is through a leadership role, a partnership or education, iCandy Homes and Capital is a steward to success.

We believe in strategic relationships as a springboard to greater things. iCandy Homes works with other real estate entrepreneurs and industry professionals, as well as funding partners. Each party brings strengths to the partnership. iCandy Homes and Capital identifies each party’s strengths and goals, and creates a game plan to maximize the strengths and meet those goals.



I reached out to iCandy Homes to help them grow their real estate investing business back in October of 2011 after being newly licensed in August of 2011. I really appreciated them giving me a “shot” at being their real estate agent. Due to their success, they have also helped my business to grow significantly. In 2012 I was able to close 13 transactions and $1,300,000 in closings (most of which were from iCandy Homes). Due to the incredible momentum of working with them, I am now on track to close 40-50 transactions and over $7,500,000 in 2013. I would not have been able to get to this level without the loyalty, success, and encouragement of the iCandy Homes team. I really appreciate their loyalty, and they still remain my #1 client since they are easy to work with, their excellent communication, and their consistency of ALWAYS doing what they say they are going to do. I have an incredible amount of thankfulness to the incredible team at iCandy Homes. I appreciate all that you do!!!

Kevin Hudoba, Realtor