Real Estate Beginner’s Bootcamp – Feb 27-28

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Are you ready to jumpstart your financial success? We’ve found Real Estate to be the best way to increase your financial security. February 27-28

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This powerful 2-Day training will show you how to locate, evaluate and fund properties in Chicagoland markets, as well as how to apply this knowledge to properties right in your own backyard.

“I’ve attended many (real estate) programs. This was by far, the most comprehensive. My confidence level in finding and evaluating deals has skyrocketed! I’ve done a few deals already, but I now have the knowledge to increase the number of deals I do dramatically.”
John R., Chicago, IL

Road Map to Success

-Become an EXPERT in the in the Chicago market
-Leverage realtors and FREE online tools to find properties
-Have sellers calling YOU to sell their property
-Evaluate deals like a pro
-Negotiate with sellers
-Estimate rehab costs accurately
-Learn all the right documents to lock up the deal
-Monetize every lead
- Learn the many types of strategies you can use for either quick cash or long-term cashflow
-Systematize your business to operate optimally
-Two FULL days of training in an intimate setting

PLUS! You will also have the opportunity to work with our team of experts and receive personal attention and guidance to your investing goals and aspirations!

“I have never been to an event where the teaching team has been so focused on discovering the students’ individual needs. They totally focused on us like a mentor and a friend. This is not a lecture that leaves you with no plan of where to go.” Paul K., Downers Grove, IL

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