Our Month in Review: May 2017

Summer has just begun and things are heating up at iCandy Homes. We are fired up and May helped inspire a lot of changes you’ll hear about soon in our June update. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d love to fill you in on what we did and learned in MAY.

On The Flip Side

The projects that we have been working on over the past few months (and one stalled) have all begun to pick up speed as we push toward completion! It has been an interesting journey and many things have come up for us to learn from during this process.

For our property in Evanston, we had been stalled due to a problem that was caused to the neighbor’s foundation during the digging and pouring of our foundation. It took us nearly 5 months to come to a resolution that would allow us to move forward! We came to a mutual agreement regarding repairs between us and the neighboring house, they repaired the issue, and we are now back on our way!

Staying up in the North Shore area, we were able to get our $1.2 Million house in Wilmette under contract! This was definitely exciting for us to get this one under contract to sell. The buyers have done their inspection and sent over a list to us of the items they want, so we are waiting on the finalization of those items and we will be on our way to the closing table at the beginning of July.

We have also had noteworthy success with our property in Downers Grove.


iCandy Realty got this property pre-listed for us, pre-listed meaning, it was posted for sale before completion to shorten our hold time. We already have this property under contract and we haven’t even hung the drywall yet! iCandy Realty did an amazing job pulling this off by:

  1. Working with an interested buyer from the start.

  2. Showing the buyers the exact finishes that were going into the house.

  3. Presenting an example of work previously done by our contractor did (which was our project in Wilmette).

  4. And iCandy Realty worked with these buyers to help them make a few changes to the house to better match their dream home wishlist.

Pre-listing is a strategy that iCandy Realty is very good at and it’s been beneficial for us and for our home buyers. This marketing method allows us to have less hold time, allows us to pass along a discount to the buyers because of that shortened time-line and the buyers have an opportunity to make some changes to fit their wants and needs.

We’re hosting a live tour & learn event at this property Sunday June 11th @ 11:00 am! Join us for free to see the property yourself, ask questions, and learn how to flip properties in your own market successfully.

May Events:

May REIA with Mike Fisher – Turn Key Investing

Mike surprised us all with his energetic presence at May’s Meetup. Mike shared his insights on this somewhat mysterious investing strategy and the audience asked wonderful questions. We had some very knowledgeable attendees this month which made for brilliant side conversation at the end of the night.


If you’d like to join us for our Summer meetups join our free facebook group here


Follow us on instagram. Tag us in your networking event snapshots @creccinvestors.

Other Business Developments in May:

Just like every other investor in our area, we are on the search for our next deals. To aid in that hunt, at the end of May we kicked off a new yellow letter campaign. We are starting off by sending 1000 letters out each week for four weeks to our mailing list. Our goal is to show them that we are serious buyers interested in helping them in any way that we can.

Our teammate Tressa passed her real estate license exam this month! This is incredibly exciting for our team, since she’s about to start applying her marketing skills to help iCandy Homes find more flips!

Lastly, John and Janelle attended a course in Toronto with our business coach Meir and learned about some incredible ways to increase our efficiency, improve our focus and boost our profitability as a company. We met as a team to discuss new improvements that could be made based on this class, so that we can grow together which is very exciting for all of us.

^ Continuing our education has been of key importance to each of us for our business and personal success!

That about wraps up our highlights for May.

If you have any questions about the topics we covered in this blog post or other questions about our business leave us a comment below!

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re just as excited about this next month as we are!

Best wishes for June,

iCandy Homes Team


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