Mind of a Multi-Millionaire: Live Webinar


The 90-9-1 Rule Continued…

We spent 2 hours on the originally scheduled webinar The 90-9-1 Rule and it was incredible.

However, Meir has more he wanted to share with us and he agreed to spend another exclusive session with us this coming Thursday.

That means YOU still have an opportunity to learn about the 90-9-1 Rule for Wealth and take a look inside the mind of a multi-millionaire.

Even if you missed the first two hours you’re welcome to join us on one of the next live webinars.

12:00 PM Central Class: http://icandy.100xyourbusiness.com/

7:00 PM Central Class: http://icandy.100xyourwealth.com/

Seats are limited so if you want in register it now!

As you know, you cannot create better results with the same mind that created your current results.

This training will help you create a major shift in your mindset that moves you from old habits of self-doubt, worry and confusion, to new habits of positive expectancy, confidence and success.

Less Learning, More Doing.

Meir is about cutting through nonsense and learning how to only use efficient, proven means of achieving business and personal goals. No guesswork, just results.

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