Close more deals with bigger profits-Rehab estimate workshop May 4!

One Day Down and Dirty Workshop:
Rehab Estimate and Scope of Work
Sunday, May 4, 9 am to 6 pm

Rehab Estimate and Scope of Work- May 4th- from Janelle Swiercinsky on Vimeo.

· Wholesalers: Never lose another deal due to an inaccurate estimate

· Rehabbers: Meet your profit margins and reduce the variance in your projects

· In-depth tour of properties

· Estimate repairs on single family homes

· Build your own Scope of Work

· Work directly with iCandy Homes rehab experts

This workshop includes 3 visits to un-rehabbed properties in the Chicago market. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with iCandy Homes rehabbing experts to determine the rehab estimate for each property. Then students will build the scope of work for the rehab project, nailing down the exact details needed to 1. accurately budget the project and 2. bid the project out to contractors. Whether the student is a wholesaler or a rehabber, the ability to put together rehab numbers is VITAL. Sign Up Today!



Here’s what people are saying about iCandy Homes Education and the Chicagoland Real Estate Connections Club….
“I’ve attended many rehabbing programs. This was by far, the most comprehensive. My confidence level in finding and evaluating deals has skyrocketed! I’ve done a few deals already, but I now have the knowledge to increase the number of deals I do dramatically.” -John R.

“I have never been to an event where the teaching team has been so focused on discovering the students’ individual needs. They totally focused on us like a mentor and a friend. This is not a lecture that leaves you with no plan of where to go.” -Paul K.

Join us for a full day of hands-on learning and information that you can implement immediately in your real estate investing business!  Cost: $500 for CRECC members; $750 for non-members, add a partner for $250.  Sign Up Today!
Chicagoland Real Estate Connections Club membership is $200/yr for a single; $375/yr for partners.  Questions? Contact us at or call 708-995-7367.
Hosted by iCandy Homes and Capital.  Sponsored by Chicagoland Real Estate Connections Club.

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