Chicago April Home Sales Soar

Gary Lucido, Chicago, IL–The Chicago real estate market continued to demonstrate it’s incredible strength in April with home sales up 32.5% over the previous April. That’s on top of last April’s 19.4% increase and it’s the 22nd month in a row of year over year home sale increases, confirming yet again that the Chicago real estate market is super hot.

April Chicago Home Sales

When you look at the long term graph of Chicago home sales by month below you can see that this April was the highest in 6 years. Furthermore, you will note that this is a level higher than that of 2001, which was actually the beginning of the housing bubble. On the one hand I would not expect us to hit the bubble levels any time soon unless we began another bubble. On the other hand though there is probably a lot of pent up demand sitting out there so we might still see some further increases over the next 12 months.

Chicago Home Contract Activity

Contract activity, which is a leading indicator of home sales, continues to point in an extremely positive direction. I don’t have that data as far back but as you can see in the graph below this April had the strongest contract activity in 5 years. This April was 22.6% above last year and the moving average, in blue below, continues to move upward.

In general the growth in contract activity has been stronger than the growth in closings but every so often the backlog of pending home sales clears and results in surges like we just saw in April. Right now pending home sales is sitting at 7011, which is just a tad over a 3 month supply at April’s sales rate.

Distressed Home Sales

As I alluded to above the percentage of distressed home sales in Chicago has been trending downward. April hit the lowest level in 5 years, edging out 2010 by just a hair at 32.3%. This is what is driving the median price higher, not an overall increase in prices, though that is a contributing factor as well.

Chicago Home Inventory

There is still a critical shortage of good home inventory in Chicago, making it extremely difficult for buyers to find anything decent. However, as you might expect, sellers and their agents are in great shape with properties selling in record times.

From a high of 14.1 months back in January 2009 single family home inventory has dropped to 4.1 months in April. Meanwhile condo inventories, which peaked at 18.3 months, have now plummeted to a 3.1 month supply. And it just keeps on dropping.

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