Improving Housing Market Eases Financial Stress for Americans

If you’re feeling a little less stressed about your household finances, you have the housing market to thank. A rise in the value of your home doesn’t translate directly into cash you can spend to pay the bills, but it does add to your real wealth, which makes those bills [...] Read more »

What’s hot, what’s not in the American home

The American home is continuing to get bigger, while several studies show that owner preferences are shifting on what’s in and what’s out within that space. For the fifth year in a row, new houses were heftier last year, growing to an average of 2,679 square feet, reports the National [...] Read more »

When you were born says plenty about your housing needs

Not too long ago, builders followed a one-size-fits-all approach with prospective homebuyers. Basic, plain vanilla floor plans were designed for a diverse group of people. Now, demographics are driving housing styles and choices. Generation Y, Generation X and baby boomers have all sorts of ideas about their dream home. And [...] Read more »

5 Tips To Sell Property Fast In Chicago

The satisfaction of your need for speed when selling your property fast in Chicago depends on several key factors, the most important of which is the current market. Though you have no control over whether the market is hot or cold, it’s a good idea to be at least cognizant [...] Read more »

The Benefits To Hiring A Professional Home Buying Company

Many people do not know or do not understand how beneficial a professional home buying company can be. Attempting to sell your home on your own can become such a hassle and a pain. A professional home buying company can help you with any type of financial or real estate [...] Read more »