All-Cash Offers: Healthy for Real Estate Market, or a Hindrance?

With many pointing to the housing market as the backbone of the economic recovery, investors are flooding the market with all-cash offers and it’s squeezing out many traditional homebuyers. “People are worried about the returns on alternative investments,” says Karen Dynan, vice president and co-director of economic studies at the [...] Read more »

5 Real Estate Recovery Myths

Like anything else, real estate has its urban legends, its stories that get told so often they seem like they must be true. But unlike urban legends about exploding Pop Rocks or the origins of Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’-era haircut, real estate myths have the potential to create fear, panic, paralysis [...] Read more »

Protection for Illinois homeowners facing foreclosure extended

Illinois Governor Quinn signed legislation championed by State Senator Jacqueline Collins to postpone the repeal of legal protections for homeowners seeking counseling to avoid foreclosure. Set to expire this year, the “30-30-30″ grace prior law would remain on the books for another three years if Collins’ legislation is successful. “Foreclosure [...] Read more »