What Is Happening To Mortgage Rates?

Over the last month mortgage rates have moved steadily higher, and over the last week rates have spiked to the highest point in the last 2 years. For most of the last year rates have been stable and hovering around 3.5% (before pricing adjustments). This has been a result of [...] Read more »

Real Estate Gurus are Full of It

At the ripe old age of 18, I started real estate investing the same way a lot people do: I read a bunch of books by real estate gurus and become convinced I would be able to make millions in just a few short years. It took my adolescent brain [...] Read more »

All-Cash Offers: Healthy for Real Estate Market, or a Hindrance?

With many pointing to the housing market as the backbone of the economic recovery, investors are flooding the market with all-cash offers and it’s squeezing out many traditional homebuyers. “People are worried about the returns on alternative investments,” says Karen Dynan, vice president and co-director of economic studies at the [...] Read more »