What Cash For Houses Chicago Companies Are Looking For

Are you not sure if a cash for houses Chicago company will be willing to buy your home? As cash house buyers ourselves, we can tell you exactly what these companies are looking for.

Single Family Homes

Chicago cash for houses companies like us are always trying to find single family homes. While we also offer cash for duplexes and multi-family units, single family homes are especially in demand. There is a much larger market for this type of home than other types of homes. If you live in a family style house,  you can sell your house quickly to a cash house buyer.

Homes in Need of Repair

We offer cash for houses that are not in good repair. We are actually well known for rehabilitating homes. While we don’t mind purchasing handy man specials or fixer uppers, we are also willing to give house cash to home owners who have done a great job keeping their home in good repair. You will receive a much higher price for your home if it does not require extensive repairs. Our advice to you is if you have the means to repair your home, please do so before you decide to sell it. It will be so beneficial in the long run if you do this.


When you think of a cash house buyer, the word condominium doesn’t immediately come to mind. We happily accept condos as well as duplexes and multi-family homes. Since housing prices have become so expensive, many people are choosing to purchase condos instead of single family houses. If you have a condo to sell, we’ll definitely take it off your hands.

Non-Updated Homes

Does your home still have its 1970s kitchen? Is there a rotary style phone in the hallway? If your house has not been updated in a while, we will definitely offer you cash for it. If you have an updated home, however, you are much more likely to get a higher asking price for your home.

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