The 90:9:1 Rule – Free Live Training with a Multi-Millionaire for Entrepreneurs

We’re sure you’ve already heard that our coach Meir is incredibly successful. In fact, he embodies most entrepreneur #goals.

But, instead of just sharing with you what life looks like today, He’s going to show you how he got here.

Meir found, after many entrepreneurial endeavors, that there was a pattern that resulted in his continually successful businesses. After further analysis he narrowed it down to the 90-9-1 RULE.

On March 1st, he’s graciously agreed to share it with you…

AND answer all of your questions about how to use it.

This is a big deal.

For coaching with Meir it can cost up to $45,000 per day.

We’re bringing him to you for FREE.

The catch is, there will be only 100 seats!

You better grab yours if you want it.


This training is for entrepreneurs who have big goals and a determination to grow their business this year.

The biggest gains in business happen when you figure out what to focus on. That’s exactly why we asked him to do this exclusive webinar for you.

Meir helped us get crystal clear on our goals and how to reach them — and that’s exactly what he can do for you IF you show up.

Save Your Seat Here

This is a FREE, action-oriented online workshop designed to help you get more done in less time so that you can increase both your impact and your income.

What would your life (and your business) look like if you had a rock solid strategy that allowed you to save time and get more done?

Sign up to find out…


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