12 Simple Ways to Get Funding for Every Deal

Opening the door to money you didn’t know you had. This month’s meeting is a game changer for your business.

The local real estate market has become more competitive in the last year…

But imagine having a way to easily and quickly gain the funding you need to complete every real estate transaction that meets your standards.

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Unused money is floating around you at all times. So how do you turn it into capital for Your business?

John Swiercinsky “the founder and funding guy at iCandy Homes” is teaching on this very special evening for you so that you can learn his secrets for raising financing of all types for all of your business ventures

  • Network with Local Investors and Industry Professionals.
  • Find out what type of money we are using on our deals and how we’re getting it.
  • Understand how to better leverage the money available to you. (that you likely didn’t know you had)

Save Your Seat Here >> Join Us for the Live Funding Event

Date: Tuesday May, 17th 2016

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: TBA

Cost: Free for new attendees. $25 at the door for repeat attendees.

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  1. Danielle Perry says:

    hi here
    i’m a rehabber in Atlanta, GA. Just started my 10th house. Intrigued by this website. haven’t considered this approach.

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