We’re No. 1! Elmhurst Ranked Top Booming Suburb in Illinois

Coldwell Banker’s Booming Suburbs ranking completes its Best Places to Live series.

We’re not sure how we missed this ranking over the summer, but it’s never too late to share some good news.

Elmhurst was ranked by national real estate firm Coldwell Banker as the top Booming Suburb in Illinois. The ranking is the final installment of CB’s Best Places to Live series, which includes “Best Places for Suburbanites” and “Best Places for Social Seekers.” (Incidentally, that series is pretty fun to get lost in. Who doesn’t like checking out great places to live across the country?)

Booming Suburbs rated 1,500 communities with a population of 22,275 or more based on criteria that included:

year-over-year employment increase
access to suburban staples like grocery stores
proximity to good schools
easy commuting

On a national scale, the state of Washington cleaned up, with three communities in the Top 5: Cottage Lake (#1), Sammamish (#4) and Mercer Island (#5). Prairieville, La., and Fruit Cove, Fla., were #2 and #3, respectively.

On a scale from 1 to 1,000, Elmhurst received a score of 749.09.

“As America continues to bounce back from the recession, this ranking identifies suburbs that have shown strong economic growth since the recovery,” Coldwell Banker CEO Budge Huskey said. “These communities have the American ideals we love, the suburban dream intact and a population that is finding jobs at a better rate than the national average. That is the definition of a thriving community.”

Source: http://elmhurst.patch.com/groups/real-estate/p/were-no-1-elmhurst-ranked-top-booming-suburb-in-illinois

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